Mise en scène, staging or setting of my sculpture, 
with each other, or with e.g. classical,  baroque , or neorenaissance sculpture

Persephone lost in 

Palais Daun-Kinsky Vienna

Left sculpture: Josef Kracker (1683 - 1733)
Right sculpture: Jos Letschert 

Encountering Artemis

Stages of Persephone

Sorrow (Hektor and Andromache)


Mixed feelings

Father and son: Apollo and Asklepios

Hera and Demeter
Paul Egell (1691 - 1752), Demeter, Schlosspark Schwetzingen
Jos Letschert (2022), Another (H)era

Korai amongst each other
Left sculpture: Hamburg Hygieia Fountain, by Joseph von Kramer (1841-1908)
Right sculpture, Persephone by Jos Letschert

Agamemnon confronted with himself